Joining the Team

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Aspirant members are asked to complete an application form and if deemed suitable will subsequently be asked to attend a interview. Membership of the Sligo Leitrim MRT is not something to be considered lightly as the Garda Síochána and public expect a professional service even though the Team is formed of unpaid volunteers. The Sligo Leitrim MRT is held in high regard in this respect and maintaining this depends on the full commitment of its members.

Joining the Team will cost you time and money. You will suffer inconvenience, get wet, cold and tired and find yourself in potentially dangerous situations. Your own and others’ safety will depend on your personal skills and your ability to work as part of a team. The skills you require to work as an effective member of the Team will be learned during the Team’s training year.

Joining and working with The Sligo Leitrim Mountain Rescue Team will be rewarding, fun and will enable you to help provide a real service to those in need or difficulty in the Dartry Mountains and surrounding areas. Why not email us your name and telephone number and we’ll call you back for an informal chat so you can find out more about the benefits of team membership.